One Bible, coming right up…

My first trip to the Dominican was pretty awesome. So many stories to tell. I have shared a few but the other day another one came to mind.

On the plane ride there I sat beside my buddy Chris McDuffie. We were just making small talk and I was thinking out loud…man I wish I would have brought one of those Spanish to English bibles, it would have been very useful!!

Well I didn’t think anymore about it. The conversation moved on and so did we.

Over the next few days we were split into 2 teams with the other church on the trip. They were from Decatur baptist church in Alabama. We were all mixed up and Chris was on the other team. As we loaded up the shuttle bus I moved towards the back. Our “team” was headed out into the field! The ride lasted about 30 minutes and we were all making small talk and excited about the trip.

Right before we got to where we were going, Paula Carver Batchelor spoke up on the bus and said hey…I brought this Spanish/English bible if anyone thinks they need it!!

Instantly I recalled that conversation Chris and I had. I felt like God was smiling at me. Like He was saying…I don’t want any hindrances on this trip. You said you needed it, so here you go!

But the story doesn’t end there. I carried it all day with me and used it frequently. At the end of that day we were scheduled to begin discipleship classes with ones who wanted to learn more.

Our team leader, had became violently ill during the day. It really is a hit or miss thing over there. People just get sick. The food and water has different microbes than here and it’s not good or bad it’s just the way it is.

So they said hey Rob you want to teach this discipleship thing?? I was so far out of my league that I said sure… I mean when you are out on a limb of faith what’s a little more pressure??

But God knows. He knows what we can handle. So we load up and head back out. I get to the church planters house and 1 person shows up, besides the planters, for the class. It was the first day of discipleship. Milca, the lady who coordinated everything on our trip, looked up at me and said….you want to just cancel?? I said let’s give it a minute. I was already nervous anyway so I said a little prayer. I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me…

Telling me…

Maybe this one is all I can trust you with today? But is the one not worth it? How would you feel if you were that one eager to learn more and they just canceled??

So I said lets do it. And the class went smoothly. My young brother Elias interpreted and all went well. A nice young lady listened intently. She took notes and followed along. She was a good student. As we finished up we prayed and began to start getting ready for the neighborhood movie.

I took two steps down off the porch and I don’t think I’ve ever felt God move me physically like that. He stopped me cold in my tracks. The Holy Spirit nudged me…Ask her does she have a Bible?? So I walked back up and asked her. She said no I do not. I opened up my backpack and handed her Paula’s bible. By the look on her face I could tell the impact the gift had made. Tears flowed as she insisted that I sign it. It was a truly humbling experience.

I simply wrote…to my number one student. Little did she know that literally…she was my number one student.

On the way back to the hotel I told Paula what had happened. In a way I was fearful because we had just met and it was “her” bible that I had given away. There was this moment where I put it out there and I didn’t know what her response would be….and then this big huge smile came across her face and I knew that I had done the right thing.

What an amazing order of events God had orchestrated to deliver a Bible into the hands of this new believer!!


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