Jesus and my Georgia Bulldogs..

As I was getting ready for church on Sunday I reached for my bulldog jacket. Slipping it on brought back memories of the day before. Saturday was a rough day for my dawgs!! Man it was brutal. I mean they really stunk it up! My jacket did seem a little heavier as I slid it on and we headed out the door.

But they are my team. No matter win or lose I will always love them. I am a loyal fan.

As we were driving to church it occurred to me… now that’s just a small picture of how Jesus loves me!! Oh but how so much exponentially more!! And no matter how many times I blow it, He still loves me. Watching the game of my life unfold I am sure He wonders why I make such bone-headed plays sometimes. And oh the stupid penalties!! Why do I go backwards when I should be moving forward??

Yet He never gives up on me. He is faithful, even when I am not.

Always waiting patiently for me to reach my hand towards Him. To seek His guidance. Too many times I have found myself in a place of repentance in the last seven years. Praying in the shower till my water runs from hot to cold. Crying out to the coach of my life when I have blown the game.

But sometimes it is in that quiet place of submission where we can learn the most. I believe that’s why He let’s the other team come at us so hard. To bring us to the point of realizing we can only win this game of life through Him. It is only in Him that we can find the peace we all so desperately are searching for. As humans it is a sad reality that we learn more from our failures, than we do from our success. It is usually the pain of loss that changes us.

But He does want us to learn from our failures, and not get caught up in them. I think He takes no pleasure in watching us blow the game. Because with repeated failure comes hypocrisy.

I prayed…Lord I know you love me and for that I am eternally grateful. I know I cannot sin my way out of your kingdom. What is the real danger of becoming a hypocrite? Will you take your words away?

A few days later in the quietness of my heart, I felt the Holy Spirit reply… oh no child. I do not work that way. I gave you a gift and it will always be with you. You are a messenger of mine. (All Christian’s are btw)

The real danger when hypocrisy sets in…is that no one will listen to you anymore.

If your life does not echo the words you speak. You will eventually become neutralized and put on the bench. Your witness for me becomes useless.

Ouch. A harsh word for a player that likes to be in the game.

The truth is Jesus loves us so much more than we could ever love any team. And while our loyalties will wax and wane, His love for us never does. Praise be to my king who loves me way better than I could ever love Him!!

Which leaves me with one profound thought…

I wear my bulldog jacket proudly every day…but how well do I wear the cloak of Christ??


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