Freedom Has A Price…

On this Veterans Day I think about our freedom and how much we take it for granted. Simply put, freedom isn’t free. There is always a price. But just who is willing to pay the price for our freedom? It seems like the reality of it is far from our perception of it… And we can all sense it. Somewhere beneath the surface of our society. Evil is slowly dragging freedom from below our very feet. Maybe we have just confused free stuff with freedom?

And it is our inability to pay the price. To stand up for our beliefs. Our country and its lack of a backbone is in a state of moral decay….We all want the easy job while someone else works in the field. But it’s not just an American problem. Inside of that one is the Christians who let it happen. We rush headlong down the aisle to get our own salvation. But for most of us it stops there. A little behavior modification. Sunday morning in and out for an hour… and we’re done. We got our ticket to heaven so we are all good!! But is that it? Really ? Jesus went to the cross and died for you, just so you could feel better about living your sinful life? Is that it?…

We were all bought with a price. Remember that. Nothing is free. It is time to stand up for what is right in this country and in our Christian lives. Just like I would assume if a foreign power invaded our borders, every man and woman would protect their homes the best they could. THEN they would pay the price…But you see we are under attack. There is a war going on right now. And its a slow deliberate one. And our inability to act has made us our own worst enemy. Our freedoms aren’t being taken away…We are slowly giving them up because we all refuse to stand up for the things we believe in. We refuse to get out of our comfort zone. To leave our circle and engage others.

And as Christians our pastors and teachers are likened to the soldiers aren’t they? They end up on the front lines. Carrying most of the burden of the war. Isn’t it time for us all to step up and get more engaged? To help pay that price? As an American I have the luxury of not serving and letting others fight to preserve my freedom. But as a Christian I do not have that same right. We are all called to spread the gospel. And it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Just simply open your heart and engage the wounded people all around you. Show them the love of Christ that is in you…


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