The Education Of The Three Brothers…

I have been truly blessed in my lifetime. I have had three quality men to help guide me on my path. My dad and his two brothers, Ronnie and Charles. I have learned that some of life’s greatest lessons come from being around others that are good at what they do.
Fortunately for me I have worked for all three of them.
My dad was awesome when it came to finding a bargain. It was almost superhuman his ability to just “feel” when the price of something was too cheap. I can remember being at an 8 lane auction as a young man… in the middle of a conversation with him and then him turning in mid-sentence running three lanes over and buying car. 
I said how did you know??… he said I could just tell from the tone of the auctioneer something wasn’t right. I said yeah but you had never even seen that car before you bid on it!! He just shook his head and laughed, he said I guess it was instinct or something. He was always so humble. He never even realized how good he was at what he did.
A few years after he passed I went to work with my uncle Ronnie. With my dad we had always concentrated on buying. He would always say… if you buy something cheap it will sell itself! 
My uncle Ronnie taught me one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned in sales… the truth will sell better than any “line” you got. 
I remember one time specifically we were in the office when a guy comes in. He says hey Ronnie what about that old such and such car. It was one I had bought for the company for re-sale. Ronnie said well the fender is bent, the paint is not the exact right color, the seat is torn and I don’t think the air is working. It probably needs a compressor. It’s not running exactly right but I think it just needs a coil pack. But the good thing is that it’s cheap for what it is…here’s the key go check it out for yourself.
And the guy turned around walked out……
I’m going to be honest.. Inside I was livid!! He had basically listed everything that was wrong with this car!! How would I ever sell it like that!! Why did he give all that free information up!? Ten minutes later the guy comes back in with a smile on his face and says, I’ll take it!!
It was then that some very real truths started to sink in about selling something.
When you are selling a car to someone… there are no secrets. They are going to find out exactly what this car is all about. In Ronnie’s mind it was better sooner than later. If you told them everything up front and they were still interested than you probably had a pretty good chance of making a sale… and a friend too.
With Charles I learned how to tie it all together. How to become un-emotional when I looked at a car. If you are buying 300-400 cars a year at the auction you are going to miss things. When you get out to the parking lot with it it’s very important that you not “justify” it simply because you bought it. 
You have to un-attach yourself and judge the car for what it really is and then go from there. Charles had the ability to see a car like no man I have ever met. Which is odd considering that he lost an eye at a young age. It’s almost like God double-blessed the eye he has left. If we were at an auction there was not one car I could bring up that he wouldn’t have noticed some flaw in it. He saw them all perfectly for what they were. Sometimes he saw them too good, lol. 
It’s funny when I was young I never really considered the fact that I would be in the car business. It always felt like I would end up doing something else, however I cannot deny that I have gotten to learn from some of the best over the years. 
So to the three brothers I say thank you.


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