No man is an island…

At church lately we have been talking about celebrate recovery. It’s about hurts, hang ups, and addictions. We all have been affected one way or another in those areas right?? It sounds like a great program. 
Over the past several weeks we have had many speakers talking about their own personal issues and how this group has helped them. In my mind there is a common thread that connects them.
Our enemy, the devil wants to isolate us. Get us involved in something, or entice us to become a part of some secret sin. And then we are alone. Because we cannot tell anyone. We cannot share our shame. What if they knew?? I mean what if people knew just how human we really are??
As these people have been sharing lately (and what a blessing it has been), I am reminded that for me being an “island” is my default setting. When things get stressful I clam up. I pull in tight. I share nothing in the real world. With no one, not even my wife and family. I always used to think that the less someone knows about you, the less they can use against you. It may be true in some cases..
But it’s not right. 
The Christian walk was never meant to be a walk alone. We have to quit letting the enemy convince us that other people won’t understand our problems. We need to be open and honest and share our struggles. 
The other night I shared a situation that’s going on in my life with a few people at my church. It felt good to get it off my chest. I know it caught them off guard because I mean, you know my life’s perfect, right?
And that’s the real danger of social media to me. I mean I get on Facebook and write a feel good story. I can draw a two dimensional picture that makes my life look perfect. But you never get the full flavor of who I am. Social media is a great place to keep up with family, or to lift others up with a kind word. But I think it’s very important to keep it in its place. 
Understand its priority in your life. 
It felt good to share something in the real world, and keep social media at a distance…. Rather than the other way around. I think I’ll try that more often. 


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