God’s sense of humor…

I was at church the other day when someone asked me. How’s that new big screen working out for you? 
But first, a little backstory, as my sister Kim likes to say…
A few years back Makenna’s TV had quit working. We are not sure what happened, and it may have got struck by lightning. At the time money was scarce so we just moved the tv out of our bedroom up into her room. 
As things have gotten a little better financially over the last year, I began the search to replace the one we had in our room. I mean in my mind we NEEDED one!! I was like a man on a mission. Searching ads… On Amazon looking for deals. Price comparing for days on end. 
But as I was waiting… On just the right deal at just the right time. Something amazing happened. This spring at our youth fundraiser I won the grand prize…a new big screen tv!!! How excited I was! What a blessing! Thank you Jesus!!
So as I was sitting there chatting it up with my friend the other day, something occurred to me….
That TV had sat in the floor of our bedroom for months. And then we hooked it up to our computer and have been using it as a monitor, ever since. I have never even watched a show on it, I don’t think. 
As I stood there talking with him the Holy Spirit nudged me, will you please tell me how much you NEEDED that TV again????


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