That old rebel flag…

I used to be one of those guys that thought, heritage not hate! And I believed it. In and of itself that thought alone is not a bad idea. 
The arguments about its history, and civil war importance are surely on the mark. The rebel flag has etched itself into our timeline forever. It will never be forgotten for its place in our history. 
But it should not be flown anywhere in a government setting in this great country anymore, and here is why. 
We let them take it. 
The nazi’s. The white supremacist. The aryans. Pretty much any hate group in America marches with it in their forefront. 
And we said nothing. 
There was no outrage over letting them do it. Where was our pride in it then?? 
And now we wonder what the big deal is. We let that flag become a symbol of hate by saying nothing, and doing nothing as the ones who flew it relished in it’s perceived glory. 
We let them have it and we didn’t say a word.
It’s my opinion that if we didn’t say anything then, we don’t have a right to say anything now. 
That flag will always be in homes, and cars, and in our history. I believe it is your right to fly it on a personal level. 
But it has no place in the public setting. In American society. 
The nation has become divided over issues, and I think a lot of us put ourselves on teams. And if the other team suggests something then obviously it must be bad. 
But it’s hypocrisy to expect our adversaries to look at our policies with an open mind. To think and use their heads about some of our ideas, when we are not willing to do the same. 
An old friend used to tell me… Even a broken clock is right twice a day. We must realize that even the ones we disagree with have valid points. 
Instead of thinking well if we give in on this what’s next… open your mind to the possibility that maybe if we begin to see something their way, maybe they just might see another thing ours ??  
I’m tired of fighting for this flag… it’s just not worth fighting for anymore. 
Romans 14:19 
19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.


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