“Get up and do something, even if it’s wrong!”

My dads words still echo through my mind. When I was teenager and working at the car lot I knew better than to be just sitting around when he happened to be pulling in from Atlanta. On more than one occasion I was the target of those words. They were like little daggers that I definitely tried to avoid. And the tone of them got me moving real fast!! I never took the time to ask him what he really meant. He never took the time to explain. 

It’s funny as I was reading my bible the other day I remembered that phrase again and a light bulb went off in my head. 
I think I finally understood what he meant. My dad wasn’t saying hey go out and make a bunch of mistakes. What I do believe he was saying was… 
Get started. Get moving. 
It’s ok to fail as long as you are trying because thats the only way you are going to learn. The learning curve for sitting on the couch is zero. He was not berating me because he didn’t believe in me.. it was because he saw my talents being wasted. 
I have been posting these testimonials for awhile now. I have made some mistakes. A lot of times I may have come off as a know it all. As someone who thinks they have it all together. 
Nothing is further from the truth. 
The man I write about is the man I aspire to be. 
The reality is I am excited about all the things God is teaching me and doing in my life. So I share. 
But make no mistake, when you read the Bible everyday God will increase your wisdom. I say that with no confidence in my own flesh, but in His word. 
I do believe the gift He gave me to express myself has gotten better. But if I would never have wrote the first thing, or made a few mistakes along the way… I never would have learned.  
Sometimes as Christians we need to get over the fear of making mistakes and just get going. If our hearts and minds are in the right place then the Holy Spirit will guide us into what we need to be doing. 
Our fear of failure cannot be greater than our motivation to please God.


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