Fine tuning…

At this moment the earth is spinning at 1,000 mph. Hurdling through space in its orbit around the sun at 67,000 mph. It’s mind boggling when you think about it. 
And on this rock are people of every race, creed, and color. But with one similarity that even they cannot dismiss. DNA code. In our cells are instructions on reproduction. How to sustain life. How to keep going. We have an intricate code. 
A code implies a coder. Computer programs do not write “themselves”.
A pile of metal left for eternity will not assemble itself into an I-phone. It will never happen. An outside force has to act on it. 
Our closest neighbor is the moon. Without it the water on earth would be stagnant. The oceans would offer no hope of containing life without it being perfectly set in its place. Without it we would be in complete darkness for half of the day. 
Our atmosphere… perfect. We sit below it protected from the vacuum of space. Walking along the surface gently held down by a force called gravity. Breathing in a thing called oxygen that gives us life. 
Supported by the earth itself and all of its fruits. 
A thousand different variables are present in our reality and if just one was off life itself could not exist. 
In this body, but not in this body. Our minds and our souls can transport us to many places in a matter of seconds. We feel things. We have emotions that are not connected to our survival. 
We are all space travelers really. Moving through time and space at speeds we can’t fathom. 
We live this life like death will never come. 
But it does. And along the way most of us will look up into the sky and ask for a sign. 
God show me that you are there!!! Let me know. Give me a sign!! 
And the funny part is… sometimes He does. And we still don’t truly believe. 
As we walk on the earth, perfectly placed 93 million miles from the sun, protected by magnetic poles to keep the flares from frying us. 
Everyday we ask for more “proof” 
When to find “proof” all you have to do is walk outside. Breathe in the air. Feel the sun on your skin. That feeling when one of my children smile at me. When my love glances in my direction, and my heart warms… even though it has no “evolutionary” purpose. 
Realize that the fine tuning of the universe is proof in and of itself that we were created. 
But most of all…look in the mirror. You are no accident. You are a creation of God. He gave you life. And maybe even more amazing than that… 
He gave you the free will to choose what to do with it. 

Isaiah 40:21-22 
21 Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?
22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: 


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